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COOKSProfessional Knife Sharpener

RM159.00 RM99.00


COOKSProfessional Knife Sharpener

RM159.00 RM99.00



Measures: H13.5 x W11.7 x L9.1cm

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  • Hands free safety; The suction grip and lever will hold the sharpener firmly in place, allowing you to keep fingers out of the way of the blade
  • Innovative; The clever design uses a 20-degree angle and tungsten carbide technology for optimum sharpening
  • Compact; The small but effective sharpener can easily be stored in kitchen cupboards or drawers
  • Bring old knives back to life; Simple to use and will save you money by bring life back to your old knives

With this amazing little knife sharpener by Cooks Professional you’ll have no reason not to keep your knives sharp.

The clever design of this product means you can safely sharpen knives without holding the sharpener or putting your fingers in danger. It works by using a power suction grip and lever, simply place on a smooth surface such as a kitchen worktop and pull the lever down to lock into place.

The innovative design uses a 20° V shape sharpening tool for optimum sharpness in just a few swipes. Unlike a sharpening stone using this tool requires no training at all and you still get professional results every time. To sharpen just place the blade into the sharpening jaw and apply light pressure, moving the knife slowly toward you. The sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to allow it to be used on virtually any knife, including hardened steel knives. The sharpener has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal to ensure that your blade will not be damaged if they come into contact with this the surface.

Once finished with, simply wipe down with a damp cloth, you can them simply store the sharpener away in a cupboard or drawer thanks to the compact design.

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